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Post by Rok on Fri Jun 26, 2009 9:00 am

-18 1i 18 1i 5u 1i a0 a gi a,-18 1s 5u 1s a0 k,gi k no u,no k gi a,1qe -6s 1vo -5k 2n6 -5k 2n6 -cq,2n6 -5a 1vo -5a 1qe -6i,2n6 -5a 2ng -5a 2ng -cq 2ng -d4 2km -d4 2km -cq 2n6 -cq,1qe -6s 1nu -6s p0 k,p0 u 1nu -6i 1qe -6i,no k p0 k,p0 u no u,gi k a0 k,2n6 -6s 2lu -5k,2m8 -5k 2n6 -6i,2m8 -cq 2n6 -bs,2n6 -bi 2lu -cq,rg -7g 1da -7g 1ei -7g 1ei -76 1da -76 rq -76,rg -76 rq -76,rg -7g hg -a0 hg -9m rg -76,a0 -a0 a0 -9m -3e -84 -cg -7g -p0 -84,a0 -a0 -3e -8e -cq -7q -p0 -8e,-ua -ec -ua -4m -uk -4m -uk -ec -uk -gs -oc -gs -oc -gi -ua -gi -ua -e2,-ua -4c -uk -4c -uk 15g -ua 15g -ua -4c,-pk -8e -p0 -8e,-pk -8e -qs -8e -r6 -8e -r6 u -qs u -qs -84 -p0 -84,-r6 18 -qs 18 -qs hq -r6 hq -r6 18,-r6 i4 -qs i4 -qs 1p6,-r6 1p6 -r6 i4,-ua 15q -uk 15q -uk 21a -ua 21a -ua 15q,-qs 210 -qs 21a -r6 21a,-r6 1p6 -r6 21a,-qs 210 -qs 1os,-ua -fk -tc -gi,-t2 -gi -ua -fa,-uk 21k -uk 2am -fu 2am -fu -42 -g8 -42 -g8 2ac -ua 2ac -ua 21k -uk 21k,-ua 29e -tc 2ac,-ua 294 -t2 2ac,-h6 2ac -g8 29e,-g8 294 -hg 2ac,-kk -42 -kk 26a -qs 26a -qs 21k -r6 21k -r6 26k -ka 26k -ka -42 -kk -42,-kk -4m -kk -4c -fu -4c -fu -4m -kk -4m,-18 1i -18 1s#9m -2q aa -2q aa -26 9m -26 9m -2q,1cm -aa 1da -aa 1da -9m 1cm -9m 1cm -aa,-u0 -au -tc -au -tc -aa -u0 -aa -u0 -au,2ig -cg 2j4 -cg 2j4 -bs 2ig -bs 2ig -cg,-s4 7q -rg 7q -rg 8e -s4 8e -s4 7q,-u0 gi -tc gi -tc h6 -u0 h6 -u0 gi,-u0 pu -tc pu -tc qi -u0 qi -u0 pu,-u0 198 -tc 198 -tc 19s -u0 19s -u0 198,-s4 156 -rg 156 -rg 14i -s4 14i -s4 156,-t2 13u -t2 ua,-s4 ua -s4 ne,-tc mq -tc de,-se de -se 50,-tc 50 -tc 1s,-tm 92 -tm 5a,-rg 68 -rg -42,-t2 -2g -t2 -76,-s4 i4 -s4 l8,-rq 114 -rq 13a,-tm s4 -tm 106,-se 18k -se 1da,-t2 1m2 -t2 1rc,-s4 1su -s4 1os,-t2 1go -t2 1cm,-rq 1go -rq 1js,-u0 1iu -u0 1h2,-tm 1sk -tm 20m,-s4 20c -s4 1vo,-so 1ve -so 1t8,-so 1ji -so 1ge,-tm 14i -tm 11e,-tc 16e -tc 18k,-tm 1cm -tm 1es,-rq 1cc -rq 1be,-rq 18k -rq 1c2,-t2 q8 -t2 o2,-rq fu -rq ak,-u0 c6 -u0 a0,-se 18 -se -18,-u0 a -u0 -7g,-s4 -68 -s4 -7q -s4 -4m,-ie 6i -hq 6i -hq 76 -ie 76 -ie 6i,-jc 1i -jc u -k0 u -k0 1i -jc 1i,-io -2g -i4 -2g -i4 -34 -io -34 -io -2g,-hg ak -gs ak -gs b8 -hg b8 -hg ak,-i4 f0 -io f0 -io ec -i4 ec -i4 f0,-j2 kk -j2 k0 -jm k0 -jm kk -j2 kk,-i4 l8 -i4 ls -hg ls -hg l8 -i4 l8,-hg r6 -hg rq -gs rq,-hg r6 -gs r6 -gs rq,-io v8 -io vs -i4 vs,-io v8 -i4 v8 -i4 vs,-io 12c -io 130 -i4 130 -i4 12c -io 12c,-jc 15q -jc 16e -io 16e -io 15q -jc 15q,-i4 1da -i4 1du -hg 1du -hg 1da -i4 1da,-j2 1mm -j2 1na -ie 1na -ie 1mm -j2 1mm,-hq 1ti -hq 1u6 -h6 1u6 -h6 1ti -hq 1ti,-ie 22i -hq 22i -hq 236,-ie 236 -hq 236,-ie 236 -ie 22i,-hg 1hm -hg 1ia -h6 1ia -gs 1ia -gs 1hm -hg 1hm,-j2 198 -ie 198 -ie 19s -j2 19s -j2 198,-io 27i -jc 27i -ie 26a -hg 27i -i4 27i,-io 27i -io 28g -i4 28g -i4 27i,-26 k -1i k,-26 k -26 18 -1i 18 -1i k#T -1s u,G -ie 278 b8,T -io 19i,T -i4 22s,T -h6 1i0,T -ie vi,T -h6 rg,T -h6 au,T -hg 1ts,T -io 1n0,T -hq 1dk,T -j2 164,T -ie 12m,T -hq li,T -ie em,T -jc ka,T -i4 6s,T -jm 18,T -ie -2q,T -tm 19i,T -rq 14s,T -tm q8,T -tm gs,T -rq 84,T 2iq -c6,T -tm -ak,T 1d0 -a0,T a0 -2g

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