My short bio of all FR2 vehicles

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My short bio of all FR2 vehicles Empty My short bio of all FR2 vehicles

Post by Rok on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:18 pm

BMX Bike
The BMX Bike is one of the most used vehicles in Free Rider 2. It's easy to control, and it has some pretty nice speed for ramps and tricks.

Mountain Bike
The Mountain Bike is one of the most used vehicles in Free Rider 2 alongside the BMX Bike. It has more power and endurance than the BMX Bike, and it uses theses two sources to maneuver through rough terrain and climb steeper lines and ramps.

The truck is the most endured vehicle of Free Rider 2. It can handle any maximum of unsteep ramps, and triumph through rough, hard-to-ride lines. It has more power than the Mountain Bike; but be warned, it's nearly impossible to move up steep lines!

Blob (???)
This vehicle is the most accurate vehicle in Free Rider 2. No matter what happens to this vehicle, it can never die unlike the other vehicles. However, it is the most glitchiest vehicle in Free Rider 2, so watch out for real tight squeezes between lines and fast-paced slams into lines. It is also capable of being minimized (Z) to squeeze through anything.

The Unicycle is no doubt one of the most hardest Free Rider 2 vehicles to control. It's not completely accurate and eassy to manuever. However, if you are a professional at it, then you won't sweat a breeze using this vehicle!

The Balloon is a very nice and soothing vehicle to play with in Free Rider 2. Overall, it's a bit hard to control and not very accurate. If you just want to glide through the wind whilst taking a joyride, then this will definitely be a great vehicle for you!

The Helicopter vehicle is a great source for those sleek line mazes and expert levels. It's obviously and air vehicle, just like the balloon, but it's definitely more efficient!

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