Suckishly Short Auto :P

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Suckishly Short Auto :P

Post by Rok on Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:49 pm

-a 1i -a 1s -k 1s -u 1s,-a 1i -a 18,-2g 1s -2g 2g,-2g 1s -26 1s,-1s 50 -1i 50 -18 50,-1s 50 -26 4m,0 7q a 7q,0 7q a 7g a 7q,-4c f0 -42 fa -4c fa -4c f0,k ne a no k no k ne,18 19i 1i 19i,a 1nu k 1nu u 1nk,a 1nu 0 1nk##

It only works with BMX. Wink

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