My First track for long time

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My First track for long time

Post by hi34567 on Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:26 am

-18 1i 18 1i 5k 1i 6i 1i 7g 1i 7g -u 6i 1i,7g -u 68 1i,7g -u 5u 1i,7g -u 5k 1i,oc 1i vs 1i 16e 1i 16e -2g 13u 1i,16e -2g 13k 1i,16e -2g 13a 1i,16e -2g 130 1i,16e -2g 164 1i,16e -2g 15q 1i,16e -2g 15g 1i,16e -2g 156 1i,16e -2g 14s 1i,16e -2g 14i 1i,16e -2g 148 1i,16e -26 12m 1i,16e -1s 12c 1i,16e -1i 122 1i,16e -18 11o 1i,16e -u 11e 1i,16e -k 114 1i,16e -a 10q 1i,16e 0 10g 1i,16e a 106 1i,16e k 106 1i,7g -u 76 1i,7g -u 6s 1i,7g -k 68 18,7g -k 5a 1i,7g -a 50 1i,7g 0 4m 1i,7g a 4c 1i,7g k 42 1i,7g u 3o 1i,oc 1i em 1i em -k fu 1i,em -k g8 1i,em -k gi 1i,em -k gs 1i,em -k f0 1i,em -k fa 1i,em -k fk 1i,em -a h6 1i,em 0 hg 1i,em a hq 1i,em k i4 1i,em u ie 1i,em 18 ie 1i,1k6 1s 294 1i 2vk de 306 do 30s ds 31i du 329 ds 32v do 33j dh,1k6 1s 1k6 -2g 1lo 1s,1k6 -2g 1m2 1s,1k6 -2g 1mc 1s,1k6 -2g 1mm 1i 1n0 1s,1k6 -2g 1kg 1s,1k6 -2g 1kq 1s,1k6 -2g 1l4 1s,1k6 -2g 1le 1s,1k6 -26 1na 1s,1k6 -1s 1nk 1s,1k6 -1i 1nu 1s,1k6 -18 1o8 1s,1k6 -u 1oi 1s,1k6 -k 1os 1s,1k6 -a 1p6 1s,1k6 0 1pg 1s,1k6 a 1pq 1s,33m de 34b d4 34v cl 35u c0 36u bc,3mo tm 3nm uk 3ot vl 3q5 10k 3rm 11n 3tg 12u 3uv 13q 40h 14k 426 15b 43s 15v 45i 16i 478 172 48u 17h 4aj 17t 4c7 186 4dq 18d 4fs 18h 4hq 18i 4jn 18c 4lk 17v 4ng 17g 4pb 16r 4r7 15t 4sv 14r 4ug 13l 4vp 12a 50p 10v 51d vn 51v ub,55k so 55n tq 55t v0 566 10a 56g 11g 56v 12g 57r 13j 58v 14h 5a9 15c 5bf 161 5co 16j 5e3 173 5fg 17i 5gv 17v 5ig 189 5k1 18g 5lk 18k 5n7 18m 5os 18l 5qi 18i 5s9 18c 5u1 182 5vp 17k 61e 16v 631 168 64i 15f 662 14j 67i 13l 692 12k,6c2 10q 786 10q 786 t2 78q 10q,786 10q 7g0 10q 7iq 10q,786 t2 794 10q,786 t2 79e 10q,786 t2 79o 10q,786 t2 77s 10q,786 t2 77i 10q,786 t2 778 10q,786 t2 76u 10q,786 t2 76k 10q,786 t2 76a 10q,786 tc 760 10q,786 tm 75m 10q,786 u0 75c 10q,786 ua 752 10q,786 uk 74o 10q,786 uu 74e 10q,786 v8 744 10q,786 t2 78g 10q,786 tc 7a2 10q,786 tm 7ac 10q,786 u0 7am 10q,786 ua 7b0 10q,786 uk 7ba 10q,786 uu 7bk 10q,786 v8 7bu 10q,7ee 164 7pm 164 7vu 164 7vu 15q 808 15q 808 15g 80i 15g 80i 156 80s 156 80s 14s 816 14s 816 14i 81g 14i 81g 148 81q 148 81q 13u 824 13u 824 13k 8a8 13k 8dm 13k 8i2 13k 8lg 13k 8sm 13k 94q 13k 94q vs 92k 13k,94q vs 92a 13k,94q vs 920 13k,94q vs 91m 13k,7j4 164 7j4 10g 7km 164,7j4 10g 7l0 164,7j4 10g 7la 164,7j4 10g 7lk 164,7j4 10g 7je 164,7j4 10g 7jo 164,7j4 10g 7k2 164,7j4 10g 7kc 164,7j4 10q 7lu 164,7j4 114 7m8 164,7j4 11e 7mi 164,7j4 122 7ms 164,7j4 12c 7n6 164,7j4 12m 7ng 164,7j4 130 7nq 164,7j4 13a 7o4 164,7j4 13k 7oe 164,88m 13k 89k 130 890 13k,89k 130 89k 13k,89k 130 89a 13k,89k 13a 890 13k,8ai 13k 8ai 130 8dm 130 8i2 130 8i2 13k,8bq 130 8bq 12m 8bq 12c 8b6 12m,8bq 12c 8h4 12c 8h4 12m 8h4 130,8h4 12c 8ho 12m,8im 130 8im 13k,8im 130 8j0 13k,8im 130 8jk 13k,94q vs 94g 13k,94q vs 946 13k,94q vs 93s 13k,94q vs 93i 13k,94q vs 938 13k,94q vs 92u 13k,94q 106 91c 13k,94q 10g 912 13k,94q 10q 90o 13k,94q 114 90e 13k,94q 11e 904 13k,94q 11o 8vq 13k,94q 122 8vg 13k,94q 12c 8v6 13k,96c 13u 978 14h 984 151 994 15d 9ae 15m 9bs 15t 9dd 162 9em 164 9g1 163 9hd 160 9iq 15p 9k4 15i 9ll 158 9n5 155 9op 15f 9q4 15r 9ri 161 9su 161 9uc 15n 9vj 155 a0m 14j a1s 145 a3d 13v a4o 140 a65 148 a7f 14o a8o 15d aa3 165 abi 16r ad3 17c ael 17m ag8 17p ahq 17k aj4 179 ake 16n alh 162 amo 15e aoa 155 apl 15a ar0 15i asc 15t atq 165 av9 167 b0q 168 b2b 169 b3u 16a b5i 16b b77 16b b8s 16c bah 16c,bj8 16e bv4 16e ca2 16e,bv4 16e bv4 14i bun 14v bu5 15a btf 15i bsm 15q brt 161 br5 167 bqd 16c bpl 16g,c5c 156 c8g 156 c93 15p c9r 169 cas 16j cbv 16q cd9 16t cep 172 cgd 175,c5c 156 c5c 16e,55k so 55k r6 55k no,bag 16e bcc 16e bcc 13u bbs 14f bb9 14u bak 157 b9i 15i b8c 15t b74 167,b75 166 b6b 16c,bj7 16e bj8 151,bj8 150 bn0 16e,99i r3 9a9 qa 9at p9 9b7 o3 9b9 ms 9b0 lp 9a8 ks 992 kd 97s kb 96n kl 95k l9 94m m4 93u nd 93u ol 94g pk 956 qi,954 qh 95c qq,96f 13v 94o 127,at -38 av 1k,7f 1h ep 1h,1k5 1t 16b 1j,1dl 1m 1dt -4v,cgb 174 cuh 16r,cng 172 cng 13k clu 172,cng 13k cn6 172,cng 13u cms 172,cng 13k cmi 172,cng 13k cm8 172,cng 13u clk 172,cng 148 cla 172,cng 14i cl0 172,cng 14s ckc 172,cng 156 cje 17c,cng 15g ciq 17c,cum 16o cum 148 cvu 16o,cum 16o d3c 16o dgg 16o dki 16o dki 13a dic 16o,cum 148 cv0 16o,cum 148 cva 16o,cum 14i cvk 16o,cum 14i d08 16o,cum 14s d0i 16o,cum 156 d0s 16o,cum 15g d16 16o,cum 15q d1g 16o,dki 13a dk8 16o,dki 13a dju 16o,dki 13a djk 16o,dki 13a dja 16o,dki 13a dj0 16o,dki 13a dim 16o,dki 13k di2 16o,dki 13u dho 16o,dki 148 dhe 16o,dki 14i dh4 16o,dki 14s dgq 16o,dki 156 dgg 16o,dm4 180 do0 15q dou 180 dp8 15q dp8 180 dps 15q dq6 180 dqg 15g dr4 18a ds2 156 dt0 18u,dt0 18k dtk 14i dv6 18u,dv6 18k e04 13u e1m 198 e2k 14i e3s 18u e5o 148 e7u 198 e88 14i e9q 18k,e9q 18u ebm 13k edi 18u eeq 148##T dks 12m

theres step ups so dont complain -.-

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