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Post by Cake on Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:34 pm

My first evar track:

-18 1i 18 1i,1b 1k 26 1n 30 1v 3s 27 4p 2i 5m 2s 6m 37 7l 3g 8n 3l 9q 3m av 3f c2 2r,g1 1s h8 1u io 1v k7 1v lf 1v,nc 3q ol 4m pv 5c re 5u ss 68 ub 64 vm 58 10t 3u,125 7d 12o 87 13j 91 14g 9m 15k aa 16s ar 186 b6 19q bk,19o bl 1aq br 1c0 c3 1d6 cb 1ec cg 1fl cj 1h4 cm 1io cn 1k4 cl 1lg ce 1mq c1 1o6 ba 1pl a7 1r5 8u,22m 5n 240 5l 257 5j 26a 5h,1te 9d 1u2 8n 1ur 85 1vk 7l 20c 75 212 6o 21l 6c 225 62 22j 5p,27a 5p 28a 5r 29g 62 2al 68 2bs 6i 2ct 71 2du 7l 2f5 8c 2gj 8s 2i0 94 2ji 94 2l7 8k 2mr 7s 2ob 6t#1qf -1n 1sf -1l,1sf -1b 1sf -a,1qq -a 1qn -a,1qi -8 1se -c,1qt -7 1qn -1u,1re -d 1rt 3d,1pb 1k 1uf b,1rt 3a 1r7 6a,1rr 3d 1t8 6e,1u5 1e 1ua -7,1ua -8 1uq -5 1ui 1e 1u3 1a,1ud -7 1u6 -49 1uv -4k,1vi -4a 1v1 -4k,1vd -4c 1u8 -47,1ve -4a 1up -2,1se -1k 1se -10,72 -77 95 -79 95 -5i 76 -5i 72 -79,84 -5i 84 -1v,82 -1v 7b g,82 -1v 93 l,85 -4a a8 -4k,82 -4a 5q -4i 4p -5s,a6 -4k bl -3r,4d -67 4k -5l 55 -61 4p -6e 4d -64,4p -6b 4k -5s,4f -64 53 -62#T 2sg 40,T 256 51,B ge 1a 2n,B 17n a9 3d

8.4 seconds, tell me if you beat it Razz

tags: easy short
(I noticed only one track came up when I searched easy Smile)

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