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Post by Cake on Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:24 am

14.4 seconds

-18 1i 18 1i,1a 1j 27 1r 3b 24 4i 2e 5l 2n 6o 32 7v 3f 96 3r ad 48 bi 4i cj 4r dv 58,dv 59 ev 5a fo 5b,ko 12 kq 29 kt 3i l0 4r l9 67 ls 7p mg 93,ks cd kp au ks 9k kv 84 l1 6q l6 5e,av e3 cd ea eb ef ga ek i2 eo jp f1 li fi nb g7 p6 gr,p2 gr q2 gv r1 h8 s3 hm te i0 um ht vr hd 10q gc 11f fv 12c fs 139 g5 144 gq 14q hh 15h i8 16j j2 17o js,17q jr 18n ju 19l k0 1aj k3 1bh k9 1ce kg 1dm ko 1f1 kv 1gi l6 1ht la 1j9 lb 1ko l7 1ma l3 1nu l0 1pj kt,1tp oc 1tk n6 1ti lt 1tg kn 1tf jm 1ti in 1tn hv 1tt j0 1ts k7 1tp le 1to mg 1tm nf,1jf r3 1ku r6 1ma r8 1no rb 1p6 re 1qn ro 1sb s7 1u2 so 1vq ta 21j tu 23c uk 255 va 26v vh 28o vi 2ah vj,2b8 10s 2bf 11r 2bp 12t 2c6 13t 2co 14t 2d8 15v 2do 178 2ed 18d 2f4 19m 2ft 1b0 2gm 1cd 2hh 1dr 2ig 1fa 2jj 1gq 2l0 1i6 2mn 1ja 2od 1kf 2q4 1li 2s3 1m1 2u6 1m4 309 1lu 32c 1lf 34c 1kj 35r 1jn 379 1ip 38j 1ho,38i 1hp 392 1h6 39j 1gh 3a4 1fr#3hr 184 3gl 19c 3hp 192 3ft 1ak 3hh 1aa 3fb 1ci 3h2 1c1 3ea 1et 3gv 1dm 3cj 1i4 3ip 1hl 3kb 1ig 3ma 1h3 3v3 1kk,3hq 184 3j5 15v 3ki 17s 3lt 18i 3kl 18f 3me 19d 3kl 198 3mu 1a6 3kl 1a4 3nf 1bf 3kq 1b9 3o5 1d3 3l6 1cm 3us 1kg,3ia 1ap 3ht 1bb,3i5 1as 3iu 1b8 3ia 1bs 3hv 1b6,3jp 193 3jp 19s,3jp 18t 3k6 193 3k3 19h 3jp 19p,3i5 18e 3i9 19d,3i9 18h 3it 18f 3it 198 3i7 198,3ip 1hm 3ip 1lv,3lq 1h7 3l9 1m6,3ik 1lo 3l8 1m7,3ij 1lo 3ff 1mr 3o5 1nk 3l4 1m2,3h2 1f0 3gn 1fl 3gn 1fi,3gs 1ep 3hg 1f0 3hj 1f6 3hg 1ff,3he 1fg 3h7 1fn,3h6 1fp 3gv 1fp,3gt 1fp 3gq 1fp,3go 1fp 3gn 1fl,3jp 1du 3k8 1e7,3kb 1e8 3kb 1ei,3kb 1ek 3k6 1ep,3k5 1ep 3k0 1er,3ju 1er 3jh 1es,3jh 1er 3j7 1eh,3j5 1ef 3j5 1e8 3jc 1e5 3jk 1e2 3jr 1e2,3js 1e2 3k8 1e3,3k3 1b3 3jp 1b8 3js 1bo 3k5 1bt 3kb 1bl 3kd 1bd 3ka 1b6,3k8 1b4 3k3 1b3,3k1 1b1 3ju 1b8,3iu 1c6 3im 1cj,3ik 1cl 3ik 1d7,3ik 1d9 3iu 1dc 3j3 1cm,3j3 1cl 3j3 1ce,3j2 1cc 3ip 1cb,3h7 1bd 3he 1bj,3hg 1bl 3hr 1c1 3i4 1cc,3i7 1ce 3ic 1ch,3ij 1cj 3im 1cl,3j5 1co 3j8 1cq,3jc 1cr 3js 1d4,3k3 1d5 3kd 1da,3kl 1dc 3lq 1dm,3m2 1do 3m9 1dp,3kd 17q 3k5 17v,3ju 189 3jd 18p 3j3 195,3j2 195 3ik 19d 3i7 19i,3i5 19i 3hm 19n,3h2 19r 3gq 19u 3gg 1a1,3gi 1cq 3gn 1cv,3gq 1d0 3hh 1dm,3hm 1dr 3i2 1ed,3i5 1em 3ij 1fb,3ik 1fd 3j0 1fq,3j5 1fs 3js 1g6,3k6 1gb 3ku 1ge,3kv 1gg 3le 1gg,3ln 1gg 3m9 1g3,3mc 1fv 3mr 1fi,3n9 1f6 3nf 1f3,3nj 1f1 3np 1f0,3en 1gj 3fa 1gv,3fi 1h4 3gb 1he,3gd 1he 3gv 1hj,3h1 1hj 3hl 1hr,3hm 1hr 3i2 1hr,3i5 1hr 3ij 1hr,3io 1hr 3ja 1i4,3jp 1i9 3ks 1i4,3m7 1ho 3me 1he,3mh 1hb 3mr 1gt,3mv 1gq 3nc 1gj,3nj 1gg 3nu 1g3,3nu 1g1 3o8 1fn,3oa 1fl 3oc 1fa,3i5 17j 3ie 17j,3io 17h 3jh 17e,3ji 17e 3js 176,3k0 176 3kb 172#B 36d 1i7 19,B 34k 1ji 1n,B 32l 1kg 24,T 3j3 15v

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