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Bicycle Obstacle Course Empty Bicycle Obstacle Course

Post by lydon345 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:36 am

Bicycle Obstacle Course
Recommended Vehicle: BMX , Mountain Bike , Truck
Difficulty : Easy
Objective : Collect All 75 Stars

-18 1i 18 1i,4p 1e 5b 17 5t 14 6f 17 7c 1h,7o 1e 8b 18 90 14 9k 15 a5 1c,5m 17 5b 1h,5m 1a 67 1b,8u 1b 9f 19,1d 1i r 1v 3 26 -m 23 -1d 1n -1p 13 -1h 7 -13 -j -j -18 5 -1f t -18 q -1t 1 -20 -m -1p -1a -1c -1t -t -27 -9 -2d d -2d 16 -27 1q -1q 29 -18 2l -j 2r 6 2p s 2k 1g 29 1o 1q,1a 1k 1r 1u,2 -19 -7 -o -n -8 -19 7 -1p l,-1q j -1t -3 -1j -n -13 -1b -c -1o b -1u 9 -1d -4 -12,a4 1f ak 14 b8 v bt 11 cs 1c e0 1n f7 1k gk 1b i4 s ji v kv 18 mg 1j ns 1h p9 18 qm 12 s7 15 tp 1g v3 1k 10e 1g 11s 17 139 r 14h n 165 u 17h 17 18v 1g 1ae 1h 1bn 1d 1d4 15 1ei m 1fq 6 1h4 -9 1ii -h 1k0 -j 1l8 -i 1mf -c 1nq 2 1p4 n 1q9 1b 1rh 22 1sq 2n 1u4 31 1v7 31 205 2p 20t 28 21j 1b 227 d 235 -7 245 -2 253 l 264 1f 269 1j,28c 26 299 1q 2a5 1g,1p 1r 5p u,2g8 -60 2gn -67,2a5 1k 2cf 1d,2cf 1c 2kp -1t,2o7 -2k 34l -9l,34k -9m 38g -dv,-17 1h -17 m,-2 1f -2 15,38f -dv 3to -e0,3to -dv 4ak -dp,4ah -dq 3rm -dv,4ai -dn 4ai -hc,-18 o -q 5,25v 1h 28k 28#-10 -2h 1q -4n -12 -4o,-12 -4n 1f -2c,4p -6f 2l -67 2t -4n 4h -4n 4m -3a 34 -36,61 -6r 6b -35,6l -6r 57 -6k,8m -6t 7b -6c 6s -59 7g -43 8h -46 8t -56,8n -6q 97 -5s,ao -6g ah -3r,am -6i ch -5h am -53,8u -58 96 -5s,-p -2j 1c -2i,j -2q -5 -2n j -2l,q -4a -3 -4a,j -45 6 -44,2t -m 1o -4,1o -4 24 13,24 12 31 o 2s 5 2e 9,2s 4 3e 0,4o -r 3n -i 3u b 4p 8,4p 7 4j -s,2k -2b 2f -1i,2c -16 2a -14,425 -k5 42q -ia 43d -k3 43n -i9 449 -k3,45v -k0 44t -k1 44h -jc 44f -ig,44e -ig 44t -i7 45f -i6 460 -ig 463 -jd 45t -k1,46e -k4 46q -i9 476 -k1 47e -ie 47t -jq,48l -k6 48k -is,48h -ib 48l -ib,40g -d8 413 -br 41i -cj 41v -bv 42g -d8,42i -c9 43b -ca 437 -co 42l -cn 42h -c9 42j -bp 43a -bm,43p -da 43p -bm,44b -d8 44a -bm,469 -ci 45n -ci 45m -c1 464 -c0 466 -d8,474 -cs 46h -co,46h -cn 46h -bt 472 -bs 473 -ct,47f -cs 47c -c0,47f -cr 47u -co 47t -c7,486 -cd 48o -cd,48p -cd 48j -cr 487 -cq 485 -c1 48k -c0,47u -c8 481 -c1,49b -dc 495 -bs,495 -b5 48s -ap#T 1m8 -o,T 1jl -u,T qe d,T 49e -fc,T 49h -e7,T 49h -eo,T 4a1 -f4,T 4a3 -ef,T 1c8 t,T 1dg e,T 1ev -1,T 1g3 -e,T 1i6 -n,T 1l0 -12,T 1o0 -f,T 1rp 1b,T 1po i,T 1so l,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T sl i,T v8 h,T tu h,T 11a c,T 10e c,T 10d c,T nt c,T fn k,T ec l,T ce a,T 9p 5,T 7n 6,T 4t 6,T 3m b,T 2l c,T 1f l,T 32a -93,B 2il -1h 1v,B 2j0 -1j 1s,B 2jn -1m 1s,T 2bm 14,T 2be 16,T 2bk m,T 2bk 14,T 2bc 12,T 2bi 10,T 2be u,T 2bc u,T 2bc q,T 2bc s,T 2bi 14,T 2ba 12,T 2bg s,T 2bg s,T 2bg s,T 2bg s,T 2bc s,T 2b8 10

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