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Post by lydon345 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:05 am

The Cliffs
Difficulty: Medium
Recommended Vehicle: Mountain Bike , Truck , (if BMX Harder)
Objective: Collect All 75 Stars


-18 1i 18 1i,-19 1h -30 1h,-31 1d -3s 1b -4m o -5g -6 -68 -17 -76 -2d -82 -3e -91 -4g -a3 -5j -b7 -6m -ce -7o -dn -8p -f4 -9p -gl -an -ia -bh -k3 -c9 -lv -cu -ns -di -pq -e6 -ro -eq -tm -fe -vl -g2 -11k -gl -13j -h9 -15i -hs -17h -ig -19g -j3 -1bg -jm -1df -ka -1ff -kt -1hf -lg -1je -m4 -1le -mn -1ne -na -1pe -nt -1re -oh -1tc -oi -1v8 -oe -213 -o9 -22u -o5 -24q -o1 -26k -o0 -28e -o1 -2a4 -o7 -2bb -oj -2cc -p7 -2d1 -pv -2co -qs -2bs -rf -2b0 -ra -29r -r6 -28q -re -28o -sc -29u -sk -2b7 -so -2cf -sk -2dk -s3 -2ee -r2 -2er -pq -2ep -og -2e9 -n5 -2de -lt -2ci -l0 -2bb -k1 -29u -jc -28g -jb -272 -jh -25o -k0 -24k -km -23f -lh -22i -m7,-2v 1n 18 1n,-2v 1i -2u 1n,17 1o 17 1i,-2s 1h -2t 1d -29 1f,-26 1g -25 1c -1b 1i,-1c 1i -1c 1e -l 1h,-k 1h -k 1d -3 1f -3 1i,2 1i 2 1e s 1i,q 1i q 1f 14 1g,-2t 1n -3o 1l -3p 2g 1f 2j 1f 1p 14 1n,-3h 1t -25 1s,-2o 24 -1t 26,-1c 20 -h 22,-1g 2b -s 2c,1 1v 17 20,-b 2b c 2b,-3e 2b -2u 2b,-31 1e -2u 1j,-31 2h -2h 3c -1f 6f 2p la,57 59 9s 9o,56 59 51 5f 9q 9t 9t 9p 9q 9m,59 5a 5c 56 5r 5o 5p 5s,5u 5v 60 5s 6i 6g,6i 6i 6l 6f 6r 6t,6t 6s 70 6p 7g 7b 7j 7i 7l 7f 86 81 8d 8a,8e 88 8t 8o 8u 8r 95 8r 9n 9g 9o 9k,54 5h 4h 68 8t a2 9g 9i,4t 66 5t 71,6a 76 7j 88,74 89 81 8v,8b 90 91 9h,7j 8v 89 b2,7v 99 8m at,5c 72 -h 99,5p 7f -a a7,4u 7i 3m 81,2j 8b 21 8q,1d 8v -5 9o,3c 86 2l 8d,82 9q 8c aj,2o l2 4m o9 8t r8,92 r8 d9 v2,d6 v2 dq vs ec 10q f0 11s,f0 11q fe 12m g0 13m gl 14l hb 15s i4 17c io 18p jb 1ab jq 1bv k6 1dj kl 1f5 l8 1go lv 1id mm 1k4 nf 1lu o9 1nq p5 1pn q5 1rl qs 1t4 ru 1uj sv 202 tv 21h uv 231 10b 24g 122 25s 13t 275 15q 28d 17n 29i 19j 2an 1a3 2bc 1ao 2c2 1bh 2cr 1cc 2dl 1dc 2ej 1eh 2fl 1fl 2gk 1h2 2hn 1ig 2ir,25f 2uv 26v 2vi 28g 305 2a1 30o 2bi 31b 2d3 31u 2ej 32h 2g4 335 2hk 33p 2jk 33r 2lj 33s 2ni 33s 2ph 33r 2rg 33n 2tg 33f 2vg 335 31g 32o 33g 327 35g 31l 37g 310 39f 309 3bc 2vf 3d9 2uh 3f6 2tg 3gk 2sl 3i1 2rp 3je 2qr 3kq 2pt 3m6 2ou 3ni 2nu 3ou 2mt 3qa 2ls 3rm 2kq 3t2 2jp 3ue 2in 3vr 2hm 417 2gk 42k 2fj 440 2ei 45c 2di 46p 2ch 486 2bg 49i 2ag 4av 29f,4b0 29e 4bf 299 4cb 299 4cq 2a2 4cb 2aj 4bn 2ah 4bd 2a7 4ba 29q 4bn 29j 4c8 296,4bp 2ah 4bk 2am 4b8 2b0 4b3 2bf,4b3 2bk 4bf 2cf 4c3 2cs 4cn 2cs,4cq 2cs 4d9 2cf,4db 2cf 4db 2c0,4db 2bu 4d9 2bk,4d6 2bh 4d1 2ba 4cs 2b5 4cn 2b5,4cl 2b5 4cg 2b0,4c8 2am 4cv 2b5,4bs 2b0 4bi 2b5,4bk 2bk 4bu 2c8,4cb 2cd 4d4 2ca,4cs 2bu 4cg 2bc,4c3 2bk 4cb 2c0,4c3 29g 4bu 29l,4bp 2a4 4bs 2ac,4c6 2ae 4cb 2a2,4cb 29q 4bu 29t,4pb 26v 4tg 25k 51c 24j,51c 24i 54t 24b 5aj 25g,1r3 2p2 1sd 2pr 1to 2qn 1v8 2rn 20s 2sn 22i 2tk 247 2uf 25r 2vb,5ag 25e 5b6 25i 5bv 25n 5cq 25r 5dh 25u 5ef 262 5fd 266 5gc 26b 5hb 26g 5i6 26l 5j1 26r 5jv 276 5kt 27o,5lq 28f 5mo 29a 5nn 2ae 5ok 2bk 5pl 2d0 5qo 2ed 5ro 2ft 5sj 2hg,5js 271 5vc 28g,5js 26u 5ip 26s,5ke 27i 5vc 28q 5v9 28e,5od 281 5n0 29o,5oq 284 5ni 2a7,5sn 28g 5pq 2d9,5t1 28l 5qr 2eh,5og 284 5o1 28v,5nk 299 5na 29r,5sn 292 5s3 29m,5s5 2a7 5rr 2b0,5rk 2bk 5r7 2c6,5r0 2cl 5qe 2dg,5jq 26s 5kb 271,5ke 271 5kl 26v 5ll 277 5m3 273 5ms 27a,5mv 27d 5n1 278 5ob 27j 5of 27g 5pj 27l 5pr 27p 5rk 27q 5s6 282 5sr 281 5tk 286 5tm 289 5ua 287 5uu 28a 5v8 28g,5kq 27b 5ll 27f,5mj 27h 5n5 27l,5nn 27o 5o2 27o,5ok 27q 5p4 27u,5ph 27u 5qq 282,5r6 286 5rt 28b,5sp 28c 5tr 28i,5u9 28i 5v0 28k,25f 2uv 24a 2uh,1cq 2e6 1cv 2ds 1dg 2ds 1dq 2e1 1e1 2ec 1e2 2f2 1e4 2f7,1dd 2e7 1dl 2e7,1dn 2e9 1dn 2ec,1di 2eg 1d9 2e9 1dn 2eg,1dn 2el 1dq 2em,1c8 2dd 1cd 2d6 1d3 2d6 1d6 2dd,1d6 2de 1dd 2ds,1ck 2db 1cf 2dd,1cv 2dd 1cg 2di,1cp 2dn 1d3 2dn,1b2 2cb 1bf 2c5 1bp 2c3,1bp 2c8 1ca 2cf 1cg 2cs 1ci 2d4,1bm 2c1 1c1 2cb,1br 2cf 1bi 2cf,1c1 2cl 1bn 2cl,1c3 2cu 1ca 2cl,1bu 2cv 1c8 2d4,1dv 2eq 1ev 2f2 1fo 2fm,1fo 2fo 1g8 2gr,1g8 2gu 1gs 2hi,1f2 2fr 1ec 2fa,1f0 2f9 1f7 2fe,1fa 2fp 1ff 2g2,1fp 2g7 1fr 2gi,1if 2iq 1jg 2jt,1ji 2jv 1kq 2li 1lh 2ml 1me 2ns,1me 2nt 1og 2pe 1q1 2pp,1q6 2pp 1qj 2pk 1r2 2p2,1q7 2po 1pq 2pm,1nc 2oj 1nc 2o9 1np 2o6 1oa 2oe 1op 2p7 1ov 2pf,1nu 2oh 1nk 2oc,1nm 2oo 1od 2oo,1oi 2p2 1oa 2p2,1mc 2no 1mc 2ng 1n5 2ne 1nm 2no 1nn 2o6,1n8 2nq 1mk 2ni,1n8 2o4 1mt 2nv,1nd 2ns 1nk 2o1,1oi 2oo 1oq 2oj 1pd 2om 1pt 2p4,1pv 2p5 1qb 2po,1p6 2p0 1os 2or,1pn 2p5 1p3 2p7,1pq 2pf 1pe 2pe,1l1 2lr 1le 2ls,1lg 2lu 1m7 2mn 1mu 2nd,1lc 2m3 1lm 2ma,1lm 2mi 1m7 2mv,1mj 2n6 1m7 2n9,1qr 2pa 1qm 2p4 1qg 2p2,1qf 2p2 1qb 2p6 1qd 2pd 1qi 2pe 1qp 2pb,1qd 2pb 1q6 2p6 1q2 2p7,1q9 2pa 1q9 2pd,1q9 2ph 1qg 2ph,1qj 2pb 1ql 2p8,1qj 2p6 1qg 2p5,1qf 2p7 1qh 2pa,4cr 2cm 4dm 2cp 4e8 2d8 4ep 2cp,4ed 2dd 4ek 2du 4ei 2eg 4e0 2eq 4co 2eg 4cc 2du 4cr 2cu,4da 2d0 4d2 2d5,4d2 2dk 4d0 2du,4da 2e3 4dh 2e6,4dk 2e6 4e5 2e6,4e8 2e6 4e5 2dn,4du 2dd 4dk 2da,4dh 2da 4dh 2dn,4dk 2dp 4dk 2ds,4e3 2el 4dm 2fj 4e0 2gh,4e0 2go 4ep 2ha,4f6 2ha 4gb 2h7,4gl 2gt 4h4 2fb 4fl 2ed 4e0 2eq,4go 2gh 4g9 2h7,4fg 2h7 4es 2h7,4du 2gc 4e0 2gr,4f8 2f4 4ek 2fb,4ek 2fj 4ed 2g2,4ei 2gj 4fd 2h0,4fv 2gt 4gg 2g7,4gg 2fj 4fb 2fv,4fb 2g9 4fv 2g9,4pb 26t 4od 27c,4oa 27f 4na 29n 4m9 2ca 4le 2ev 4ki 2gc 4j0 2gt 4gj 2go,4b9 29n 4b9 29q,4ik 2ei 4gv 2f9,4ic 2eg 4k6 2ev 4l9 2ft,4jk 2f4 4ht 2f4,4ip 2fo 4ht 2ft,4ho 2gh 4j0 2gh,4jn 2ft 4ja 2gh,4hc 2fj 4he 2gh,4eu 2cp 4g6 2ck,4gb 2ck 4gt 2ck 4ht 2d3 4ih 2e1 4ik 2el,4g1 2cu 4f6 2da,4f3 2dn 4fs 2df,4gt 2df 4g6 2e3,4ho 2e3 4go 2en,4hc 2d8 4ho 2dk,4i5 2dd 4ir 2cm 4kb 2c2 4lj 2c0 4m9 2ca,4kd 2cm 4ja 2cr,4kg 2d0 4ja 2dp,4kq 2dn 4k8 2e8,4l9 2d0 4l6 2eb,6b3 2nf 6sn 35v,1iq 2j4 1iq 2ie 1iv 2hu 1jb 2i1 1je 2ig 1jg 2j2 1ji 2jr,1iv 2ie 1j1 2il,1iu 2it 1iu 2j2,1jd 2j4 1jd 2j9,1j8 2j2 1j4 2j4,1j8 2ij 1j8 2io,1jg 2jl 1js 2je 1kh 2jo 1kv 2ka,1kv 2kc 1l4 2l5 1l2 2ls,1jv 2jr 1kj 2kc,1k9 2kc 1ke 2kj,1ko 2km 1kq 2l7,1i0 2ie 1hp 2hn 1hu 2ha 1ia 2h5 1ik 2i1 1ip 2ie,1i6 2hi 1i3 2hn,1i8 2hs 1i6 2i6,1id 2i6 1ig 2ig,1gh 2ha 1gk 2gm 1h2 2gm 1hd 2gu 1hr 2hn,1h0 2h0 1gm 2h5,1h3 2h8 1gp 2hb,1h8 2hn 1h8 2h6,1hi 2hn 1hd 2hd,65g 2ma 68c 2mf,68t 2mg 6a6 2mq 6be 2no,690 2mf 68a 2mf,6sm 35u 6tf 36f 6ua 372 6v8 37l 70a 386 71h 38l 72t 393 747 39f 75o 39r 77f 3a1 79a 3a0,7qh 37h 7ro 36v 7sn 36h 7tm 363 7ug 35j 7vb 353 804 34h 813 33p 823 331 839 325 84k 317 85o 30d 86v 2vi 888 2um 89h 2tp 8at 2ss 8c9 2rt 8dm 2r1 8f3 2q5 8gh 2pb 8ho 2os 8in 2p3 8j5 2q1 8jb 2r1 8jg 2s0 8jn 2sv 8k6 2u3 8kv 2v5 8m1 2ve 8mu 2uv 8nn 2u6 8o8 2t8 8om 2sc 8p7 2rk 8pu 2qm 8qu 2pn 8s5 2p7 8ta 2ot 8ue 2ol 8vh 2oo 90q 2ot 92c 2p9 93o 2pp 956 2qd 96n 2r4 989 2rr 99s 2sj 9bg 2tf 9d4 2ue 9eo 2ve 9gd 30g 9i3 31k 9jp 32q 9lg 342 9n7 35c 9og 36d 9pq 37f 9r4 38i 9se 39k 9to 3an 9v2 3bq a0c 3cu a1m 3e1 a30 3f4 a4b 3g8 a5l 3hb a70 3if,5ku 27n 5m6 28q,5sg 2hf 5t0 2i1 5th 2il 5u8 2j9 5v0 2js 5vn 2kd 60d 2kq 613 2l4,61q 2le 62g 2ln,60v 2l2 61j 2lb 62c 2lj 635 2lo 63t 2lt 64m 2m4 65g 2m8,799 3a3 7a6 3a5 7b5 3a4 7cd 3a0 7dk 39r 7es 39n 7fu 39k 7h7 39g 7i9 39b 7jc 394 7kf 38r 7ln 38h 7mo 389 7nv 382 7p1 37q 7pt 37g 7qo 376 7rj 36u 7sg 36k,a72 3ih ate 3im,atm 3is atl 3ff,atl 3ii at2 3im#6q -5v 74 6o,74 8c 7h ok,6o -5q 6q -bt,6u -c0 7k -jb 8q -bh 9b -4d 9n 99,9i 9j ab oo,7f -i3 46 -g5,70 -hd 2h -cp,72 -ft 2m -bp,7a -eo 3n -9t,67 -bm 41 -6m,7m -8q 3p -5o,6e -9l 3n -6k,6h -bk 3f -83,7u -dq 2r -ao,5t -et t -8l,6e -fr 2r -bh,4g -db 25 -7i,4q -a4 1c -2k,7k -8l 4i -59,6m -96 5l -6k,6t -7i 3n -2i,7p -5o 38 -28,8k -6a 3p -1u,69 -46 2h 0,6o -2k 3a 1d,8k -1c 5g r,8i -3q 4i -7,6m -3b 48 18,5q -m 2p 2s,8d -7 4g 49,8n 1s 4g 5c,70 21 4s 4e,7a 9h 5e b0,7r ar 4l c6,7m c6 3u fc,64 e4 43 ga,7f eh 4q h3,6e hd 54 ib,77 hs 67 k0,88 j7 67 km,8k ca e7 gk,ag cn cm fe,8d cl br fa,9i bp c7 fu,9i e2 ch je,a4 fa c7 jj,9l fk cc l5,b2 jo ca ne,8k il a6 lk,98 h3 c0 m6,88 -hf d8 -di,8s -fr b2 -di,9b -el el -7u,9v -c0 bo -83,7m -ds ch -9l,9l -ee a9 -9v,7a -gm c7 -cu,8s -gr b7 -bh,98 -eb 9v -cf,7k -eg br -73,9n -ae a9 -6k,88 -9t be -52,9d -9g bm -6k,88 -9q ei -1u,91 -7f ei -9,c2 -33 cm -e,7u -6f d3 -12,cr -2n ck -2,8u -6h at -17,a1 -44 ca 28,av -r cr 47,br 18 bo 1s,a4 p c2 47,7f oi 7i qb,ac oi ac r7 ae ro at sh bm tf,81 lb 6a nu,7u lq 6a nm,7p nk 6r os,83 of 78 pi,8v mm a7 qj,8l lo cu pg,9g nf d3 q6,91 mm cf qv,94 j3 c5 n0,81 i0 br na,96 j0 cf mr,6p c7 36 ed,8d av 1p gt,7s cr 3n h7,81 e8 3s im,7a es 3v jd,78 i2 3s lj,7u k6 5j o3,8d n5 78 on#T 7kt 37s,T 7o6 37a,T 9ql 37p,T 9l8 338,T 9mm 345,T 9nj 356,T 9of 35l,T 7h9 38q,T 7gl 38v,T 7fb 397,T 7ej 39c,T 7cv 39h,T 7cd 39h,T 33o 31b,T 32e 31n,T 30k 32a,T 2uf 32m,T 2s0 331,T 2pn 339,T 2mo 33a,T 14g 26j,T 16e 289,T 15e 27h,T 13k 260,T 12i 25c,T 8r 80,T 7v 73,T 79 6b,T 6j 5m,T at3 3h3,T at3 3hp,T at3 3i8,T a5g 3h2,T a4m 3fi,T a3g 3ep,T a1m 3dd,T a0g 3cl,T 9ur 3b5,T 9th 39v,T 9ri 38c,T 9pe 36q,T 8fr 2pf,T 84e 30o,T 833 322,T 81l 32u,T 79u 39f,T 77q 39b,T 765 39a,T 72m 38h,T 74q 38u,T 73n 38j,T 71d 37v,T 5v1 27o,T 5uk 27o,T 5u2 27j,T 5ta 27j,T 5st 27j,T 5se 27d,T 5rk 276,T 5qm 276,T 5pq 273,T 5p1 276,T 5o5 26s,T 5m2 26i,T 5mv 26r,T 5ku 26h,T 3qk 2kb,T 3ke 2p4,T 3fo 2s3,T 3b7 2uk,T 356 30v,T 2t6 32m,T 2kk 335,T 17i 28p,T 7m 6n

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