Gridded Maze

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Gridded Maze

Post by Rok on Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:40 pm

What I'm thinking about creating is a maze-like track that looks something similar to this track. I will release the complete track soon.
-18 1i -u 1i,-k 1i -a 1i,0 1i a 1i,k 1i u 1i,18 1i 1i 1i,1s 1i 26 1i,2g 1i 2q 1i,34 1i 3e 1i,4c 1i 4m 1i,50 1i 5a 1i,5k 1i 5u 1i,68 1i 6i 1i,6s 1i 76 1i,7g 1i 7q 1i,84 1i 8e 1i,8o 1i 92 1i,ak 1i au 1i,b8 1i bi 1i,bs 1i c6 1i,cg 1i cq 1i,d4 1i de 1i,do 1i e2 1i,ec 1i em 1i,3o 1i 42 1i,9c 1i 9m 1i,a0 1i aa 1i,f0 1i fa 1i,fk 1i fu 18,g8 u gi k,gs a h6 0,hg -a hq -k,i4 -u ie -18,io -1i j2 -1s,jc -26 jm -2g,k0 -2q ka -34,kk -3e ku -3o,l8 -42 li -4c,ls -4m m6 -50,mg -5a mq -5k,n4 -5u ne -68,no -6i o2 -6s,oc -76 om -7g,p0 -7q pa -7q,pk -7q pu -7q,q8 -7q qi -7q,qs -7q r6 -7q,rq -7q rg -7q,s4 -7q se -7q,t2 -7q so -7q,tc -7q tm -7q,ua -7q u0 -7q,uk -7q uu -7q,v8 -7q vi -7q,vs -7q 106 -7q,10g -7q 10q -7q,114 -7q 11e -7q,11o -7q 122 -7q,12c -7q 12m -7q,130 -7q 13a -7q,13k -7q 13u -7q,148 -7q 14i -7q,14s -7q 156 -7q,15g -7q 15q -7q,164 -7q 16e -7q,16o -7q 172 -7q,17c -7q 17m -7q,180 -7q 18a -7q,18k -7q 18u -7q,198 -7q 19i -7q,19s -7q 1a6 -7q,1ag -7q 1aq -7q,1b4 -7q 1be -7q,1bo -7q 1c2 -7q,1cc -7q 1cm -7q,1d0 -7q 1da -7q,1dk -7q 1du -7q,1e8 -7q 1ei -7q,1f6 -7q 1es -7q,1fg -7q 1fq -7q,1g4 -7q 1ge -7q,1go -7q 1h2 -7q,1hc -7q 1hm -7q,1i0 -7q 1ia -7q,1iu -7q 1ik -7q,1j8 -7q 1ji -7q,1js -7q 1k6 -7q,1kg -7q 1kq -7q,1l4 -7q 1le -7q,1lo -7q 1m2 -7q,1na -7q 1n0 -7q,1mc -7q 1mm -7q,1nk -7q 1nu -7q,1oi -7q 1o8 -7q,1os -7q 1p6 -7q,1pg -7q 1pq -7q,1q4 -7q 1qe -7q,1qo -7q 1r2 -7q,1rc -7q 1rm -7q,1s0 -7q 1sa -7q,1sk -7q 1su -7q,1t8 -7q 1ti -7q,1ts -7q 1u6 -7q,1ug -7q 1uq -7q,1v4 -7q 1ve -7q,1vo -7q 202 -7q,20c -7q 20m -7q,210 -7q 21a -7q,21k -7q 21u -7q,228 -7q 22i -7q,22s -7q 236 -7q,23g -7q 23q -7q,244 -7q 24e -7q,24o -7q 252 -7q,25c -7q 25m -7q,260 -7q 26a -7q,26k -7q 26u -7q,278 -7q 27i -7q,27s -7q 286 -7q,28g -7q 28q -7q,294 -7q 29e -7q,29o -7q 2a2 -7q,2am -7q 2ac -7q,2b0 -7q 2ba -7q,2bk -7q 2bu -7q,2c8 -7q 2ci -7q,2cs -7q 2d6 -7q,2dg -7q 2dq -7q,2e4 -7q 2ee -7q,2f2 -7q 2eo -7q,2fm -7q 2fc -7q,2g0 -7q 2ga -7q,2gk -7q 2gu -7q,2h8 -7q 2hi -7q,2hs -7q 2i6 -7q,2ig -7q 2iq -7q,2n6 -7g 2ng -7g,2nq -7g 2o4 -7g,2oe -7g 2oo -7g,2p2 -7g 2pc -7g,2pm -7g 2q0 -7g,2qa -7g 2qk -7g,2qu -7g 2r8 -7g,2ri -7g 2rs -7g,2s6 -7g 2sg -7g,2sq -7g 2t4 -7g,2te -7g 2to -7g,2u2 -7g 2uc -7g,2um -7g 2v0 -7g,2va -7g 2vk -7g,2vu -7g 308 -7g,30i -7g 30s -7g,316 -7g 31g -7g,31q -7g 324 -7g,32o -7g 32e -7g,332 -7g 33c -7g,33m -7g 340 -7g,34a -7g 34k -7g,34u -7g 358 -7g,35i -7g 35s -7g,366 -7g 36g -7g,36q -7g 374 -7g,37o -7g 37e -7g,382 -7g 38c -7g,39k -7g 39a -7g,390 -7g 38m -7g,39u -7g 3a8 -7g,3as -7g 3ai -7g,3b6 -7g 3bg -7g,3bq -7g 3c4 -7g,3ce -7g 3co -7g,3d2 -7g 3dc -7g,3dm -7g 3e0 -7g,3ea -7g 3ek -7g,3eu -7g 3f8 -7g,3fi -7g 3fs -7g,3g6 -7g 3gg -7g,3gq -7g 3h4 -7g,3he -7g 3ho -7g,3i2 -7g 3ic -7g,3im -7g 3j0 -7g,3ja -7g 3jk -7g,3ju -7g 3k8 -7g,3ki -7g 3ks -7g,3lg -7g 3l6 -7g,3lq -7g 3m4 -7g,3me -7g 3mo -7g,3n2 -7g 3nc -7g,3nm -7g 3o0 -7g,3ok -7g 3oa -7g,3ou -7g 3p8 -7g,3ps -7g 3pi -7g,3q6 -7g 3qg -7g,3qq -7g 3r4 -7g,3re -7g 3ro -7g,3s2 -7g 3sc -7g,3t0 -7g 3sm -7g,3ta -7g 3tk -7g,3tu -7g 3u8 -7g,3ui -7g 3us -7g,3v6 -7g 3vg -7g,3vq -7g 404 -7g,40o -7g 40e -7g,470 -76 47a -76,47k -76 47u -76,488 -76 48i -76,48s -76 496 -76,49g -76 49q -76,4a4 -76 4ae -76,4ao -76 4b2 -76,4bc -76 4bm -76,4c0 -76 4ca -76,4ck -76 4cu -76,4d8 -76 4di -76,4ds -76 4e6 -76,4eq -76 4eg -76,4f4 -76 4fe -76,4fo -76 4g2 -76,4gc -76 4gm -76,4h0 -76 4ha -76,4hk -76 4hu -76,4i8 -76 4ii -76,4j6 -76 4is -76,4jg -76 4jq -76,4ke -76 4k4 -76,4ko -76 4l2 -76,4lc -76 4lm -76,4m0 -76 4ma -76,4mk -76 4mu -76,4n8 -76 4ni -76,4ns -76 4o6 -76,4og -76 4oq -76,4p4 -76 4pe -76,4q2 -76 4po -76,4qc -76 4qm -76,4r0 -76 4ra -76,4rk -76 4ru -76,4s8 -76 4si -76,4ss -76 4t6 -76,4tg -76 4tq -76,4u4 -76 4ue -76,4uo -76 4v2 -76,4vc -76 4vm -76,500 -76 50a -76,50k -76 50u -76,518 -76 51i -76,51s -76 526 -76,52g -76 52q -76,534 -76 53e -76,46m -76 46c -76,462 -76 45o -76,45e -76 454 -76,44q -76 44g -76,446 -76 43s -76,2ms -7g 2mi -7g,2m8 -7g 2lu -7g,2lk -7g 2la -7g,55k -50 55u -50,568 -50 56i -50,56s -50 576 -50,57g -50 57q -50,58e -50 584 -50,58o -50 592 -50,59c -50 59m -50,5a0 -50 5aa -50,5ak -50 5au -50,5b8 -50 5bi -50,5bs -50 5c6 -50,5cg -50 5cq -50,5de -50 5d4 -50,5do -50 5e2 -50,5ec -50 5em -50,5f0 -50 5fa -50,5fk -50 5fu -50,5g8 -50 5gi -50,5gs -50 5h6 -50,5hg -50 5hq -50,5i4 -50 5ie -50,5io -50 5j2 -50,5jc -50 5jm -50,5k0 -50 5ka -50,5kk -50 5ku -50,5l8 -50 5li -50,5ls -50 5m6 -50,5mg -50 5mq -50,5n4 -50 5ne -50,5no -50 5o2 -50,5oc -50 5om -50,5p0 -50 5pa -50,5pk -50 5pu -50,5q8 -50 5qi -50,5qs -50 5r6 -50,5rg -50 5rq -50,5s4 -50 5se -50,5so -50 5t2 -50,5tc -50 5tm -50,5u0 -50 5ua -50,5uk -50 5uu -50,5v8 -50 5vi -50,5vs -50 606 -50,60g -50 60q -50,614 -50 61e -50,61o -50 622 -50,62c -50 62m -50,630 -50 63a -50,63k -50 63u -50,648 -50 64i -50,64s -50 656 -50,65g -50 65q -50,664 -50 66e -50,66o -50 672 -50,67c -50 67m -50,68a -50 680 -50,68k -50 68u -50,698 -50 69i -50,69s -50 6a6 -50,6ag -50 6aq -50,6b4 -50 6be -50,6bo -50 6c2 -50,6s0 ec 6rm ec,6rc ec 6r2 ec,6qo ec 6qe ec,6q4 ec 6pq ec,6pg ec 6p6 ec,6os ec 6oi ec,6o8 ec 6nu ec,6nk ec 6na ec,6n0 ec 6mm ec,6mc ec 6m2 ec,6lo ec 6le ec,6l4 ec 6kq ec,6kg ec 6k6 ec,6js ec 6ji ec,6j8 ec 6iu ec,6ik ec 6ia ec,6i0 ec 6hm ec,6hc ec 6h2 ec,6go ec 6ge ec,6g4 ec 6fq ec,6fg ec 6f6 ec,6es ec 6ei ec,6e8 ec 6du ec,6dk ec 6da ec,6d0 ec 6cm ec,6cc ec 6c2 ec,6bo ec 6be ec,6b4 ec 6aq ec,6ag ec 6a6 ec,69s ec 69i ec,68u ec 698 ec,68k ec 68a ec,680 ec 67m ec,67c ec 672 ec,66o ec 66e ec,664 ec 65q ec,65g ec 656 ec,64s ec 64i ec,648 ec 63u ec,63a ec 63k ec,630 ec 62m ec,62c ec 622 ec,61o ec 61e ec,614 ec 60q ec,60g ec 606 ec,5vs ec 5vi ec,5v8 ec 5uu ec,6sa ec 6sk ec,6su ec 6t8 ec,6ts ec 6ti ec,6u6 ec 6ug ec,6uq ec 6v4 ec,6ve ec 6vo ec,70c ec 702 ec,70m ec 710 ec,71a ec 71k ec,728 ec 71u ec,72i ec 72s ec,736 ec 73g ec#6js -1s 6k6 -1s,6kg -1s 6kq -1s,6l4 -1s 6le -1s,6lo -1s 6m2 -1s,6mc -1s 6mm -1s,6n0 -1s 6na -1s,6nk -1s 6nu -1s,6o8 -1s 6oi -1s,6os -1s 6p6 -1s,6pg -1s 6pq -1s,6q4 -1s 6qe -1s,6qo -1s 6r2 -1s,6rc -1s 6rm -1s,6sa -1s 6s0 -1s,6sk -1s 6su -1s,6t8 -1s 6ti -1s,6ts -1s 6u6 -1s,6ug -1s 6uq -1s,6v4 -1s 6ve -1s,6vo -1s 702 -1s,70m -1s 70c -1s,710 -1s 71a -1s,71u -1s 71k -1s,728 -1s 72i -1s,736 -1s 72s -1s,73g -1s 73q -1s,744 -1s 74e -1s,74o -1s 752 -1s,75c -1s 75m -1s,760 -1s 76a -1s,76k -1s 76u -1s,778 -1s 77i -1s,77s -1s 786 -1s,78g -1s 78q -1s,794 -1s 79e -1s,79o -1s 7a2 -1s,7ac -1s 7am -1s,7ba -1s 7b0 -1s,7bk -1s 7bu -1s,7c8 -1s 7ci -1s,7cs -1s 7d6 -1s,7dg -1s 7dq -1s,7e4 -1s 7ee -1s,7eo -1s 7f2 -1s,7fc -1s 7fm -1s,7g0 -1s 7ga -1s,7gk -1s 7gu -1s,7h8 -1s 7hi -1s,7hs -1s 7i6 -1s,7ig -1s 7iq -1s,7j4 -1s 7je -1s,7jo -1s 7k2 -1s,7kc -1s 7km -1s,7l0 -1s 7la -1s,7lk -1s 7lu -1s,7m8 -1s 7mi -1s,7ms -1s 7n6 -1s,7ng -1s 7nq -1s,7o4 -1s 7oe -1s,7oo -1s 7p2 -1s,7pm -1s 7pc -1s,7q0 -1s 7qa -1s,7qk -1s 7qu -1s#B 412 -84 8e,B 2j4 -8e 8e

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