Random Unicycle Track

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Random Unicycle Track

Post by Jaloko on Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:43 am

-l 2s -3 3q,-5 3l c 2t,-4p 7s -5f 7v -5v 7b,-90 ma -9g n5 -ac o7 -bc p5 -ci qa,-86 m5 -8j n0 -96 ns -9q oo -ag pn -b7 qk -c0 rc -cq s0 -di sh -ed t0 -fc t7 -gb t8 -h8 t9 -i7 t5,-cj q7 -d5 qq -dq r9 -ef rm -f5 s2 -fv sa -gr s8 -hm s2 -ij rs,-130 q9 -13s q8 -14p q8 -15p qb -16p qg -17n qp -18h r4 -19d rh -1a7 s3 -1b6 t0 -1c9 u6 -1da v9 -1ef 10d -1fr 11k -1hc 12t -1j1 146 -1ks 15b -1mg 161 -1o5 16l -1pr 178 -1rh 17r -1t7 18e -1uu 190 -20m 19i -22f 1a2 -248 1ah -261 1au -27q 1b9 -29j 1bk -2bc 1bt,-2ur 19g -2ur 1aj -2uu 1bm,-2t7 1iq -2s9 1ic,-2ui 1p4 -2tl 1p7,-2vj 1ub -2ul 1ua,-30q 20k -31k 20p,-365 2pu -34l 2q1 -32u 2q3,-375 2um -35q 2v0 -34l 2vc,-37f 32l -37u 33b -38j 345,-32i 3b9 -333 3am,-3fu 3cd -3gi 3cq -3hg 3dc -3ih 3dr,-3gi 3bn -3hi 3c6 -3il 3cl,-3i9 3di -3j4 3ds -3k1 3e7 -3l2 3dm,-3ve 3ae -40o 3ao -426 3bd -43v 3ck -45n 3dv,-3ug 37s -3vj 38d -40r 38u -424 39h -43d 3a5 -44m 3au -45t 3br -46v 3ct -47p 3dt -48l 3ev -49c 3fu -4a1 3h0 -4ag 3i7 -4am 3j9 -4ai 3kb,-45i 3dv -464 3eu -46g 3fv -46n 3h3 -46m 3i5 -46e 3j5 -45p 3k0 -44o 3kl -43f 3l1 -42e 3kr,-4ai 3k7 -49t 3l4 -48o 3m1 -47h 3mo,-455 3oa -43q 3or,-42a 3kq -41b 3ko -40h 3kk -40h 3jt -3vl 3k6 -3vc 3kr -3vp 3li -40i 3lu -41f 3m4 -42d 3m5,-43v 3oq -433 3ot -42s 3ph -421 3pi -417 3pe -40j 3p4 -402 3od -3v6 3o9 -3ue 3nk -3uk 3mk -3v2 3lq,-41i 3kl -41i 3k4 -40h 3k1,-44c 3km -447 3k6 -41k 3kb,-44b 3k7 -453 3js -45t 3jb -46n 3im,-3v7 3jb -3uu 3k8,-3v7 3j8 -3ug 3ja -3v4 3jo -3ua 3jr -3va 3js,-3tu 3jj -3t5 3j8 -3u7 3jh -3u6 3kl -3t9 3km,-3ra 3h8 -3ra 3ig -3rc 3jh -3re 3k6 -3ru 3jh -3r4 3j5,-3ve 3ql -3v5 3pm -3uo 3q9 -3vd 3qr -3vv 3qh -3va 3qg -3v4 3ro -3v5 3t2 -402 3s2 -40m 3qu,-3tl 3q0 -3uc 3qn -3tu 3rd -3tj 3qo -3tn 3q5 -3su 3rn,-3s2 3rb -3s3 3q8 -3r5 3pm,-3q1 3q5 -3qm 3qn -3qa 3rh -3pu 3qq -3q4 3q8 -3q1 3ro -3q7 3t0,-3pr 3q1 -3oi 3pr -3nu 3oq -3o2 3qs -3mk 3si -3kg 3tc,-3nt 3qd -3mq 3q7 -3m3 3pc -3m6 3o5 -3mt 3nc -3np 3oc -3nv 3pk,-4aj 3kd -49i 3kv -48g 3le -47f 3lr -46h 3m5 -45k 3mf -44s 3mr -44e 3ni -43r 3oe##B -3jt 3db 8e,B -3ir 3d6 88,B -3ho 3cs 85,B -3h6 3cl 7s,B -3ga 3ce 8e,B -mp rb 9o,B -lf s4 9b,B -iq sk 8s,B -hs se 8j,B -g5 sg 80,B -dq rn 7q,B -cl qm 6r,B -ap or 6p,B -9j nn 77,B -61 80 a7,B -5k 8d 9r,B -4p 8k 8e,B -40 8g 87,B -21 3c a8,B -10 47 92,B a 40 85,B 13 39 71

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Re: Random Unicycle Track

Post by Rok on Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:54 pm

This is clarified as an Automatic track, so I will move it to the selected section of the forum.

Anyway, this is a good auto, but the track itself isn't decent.

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