Stairs Unicycle track

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Stairs Unicycle track Empty Stairs Unicycle track

Post by Jaloko on Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:50 am

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1s 18 18 1i 18 1i u 1s u 1s k 26 k 26 a 2g a 2g 0 2q 0 2q -a 34 -a 34 -k 3e -k 3e -u 3o -u 3o -18 42 -18 42 -1i 4c -1i 4c -1s 4m -1s 4m -26 50 -26 50 -2g 5a -2g 5a -2q 5k -2q 5k -34 5u -34 5u -3e 68 -3e 68 -3o 6i -3o 6i -42 6s -42 6s -4c 76 -4c 76 -4m 7g -4m 7g -50 7q -50 7q -5a 84 -5a 84 -5k 8e -5k 8e -5u 8o -5u 8o -68 92 -68 92 -6i 9c -6i 9c -6s 9m -6s 9m -76 a0 -76 a0 -7g aa -7g aa -7q ak -7q ak -84 au -84 au -8e b8 -8e b8 -8o bi -8o bi -92 bs -92 bs -9c c6 -9c c6 -9m cg -9m cg -a0 cg -aa cq -aa,-18 1i -9m 1i -b8 1i#18 1s 9m 18,2g a 9m 18,26 k 9m 18,1s u 9c 18,1i 18 9c 18,18 1i 9m 18,cq -aa 9m 18,cg -9m 9m 18,c6 -9c 9m 18,bs -92 9m 18,bi -8o 9m 18,b8 -8e 9m 18,au -84 9m 18,ak -7q 9m 18,aa -7g 9m 18,a0 -76 9m 18,2q 0 9m 18,34 -a 9m 18,3e -k 9m 18,3o -u 8o u,42 -18 9m 18,4c -1i 9m 18,4m -1s 9m 18,50 -26 9m 18,5a -2g 9m 18,9m -6s 9m 18,9c -6i 9m 18,92 -68 9m 18,8o -5u 9m 18,8e -5k 9m 18,84 -5a 9m 18,7q -50 9m 18,7g -4m 9m 18,76 -4c 9m 18,6s -42 9m 18,6i -3o 9m 18,68 -3e 9m 18,5u -34 9m 18,5k -2q 9m 18#B 3e -18 1d,T bs -a0

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Stairs Unicycle track Empty Re: Stairs Unicycle track

Post by Rok on Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:49 pm

I beat it in 4.78s. It's pretty easy if you get used to it. Also, there is a shortcut to this track: hold down the brake, lean to the right just a little bit, let go of the brake, and then try to ride up to the boost.

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