jumps and loop da loops

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jumps and loop da loops Empty jumps and loop da loops

Post by dogger1793 on Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:55 pm

-18 1i 18 1i 1i r6 t2 r6,26 r6 18 76,18 84 34 r6,42 r6 1i a0,18 c6 5a r6,68 r6 18 e2,18 fu 76 r6,1i hq 84 r6,9c r6 1i jc,1i kk aa r6,b8 r6 1i li,1i mg cg r6,1i no do r6,em r6 1i p0,1i q8 fk r6,rg r6 tm fk,tm gi qi r6,pk r6 tc ie,tc jc om qs,no r6 tc ku,tc m6 mq r6,t2 ne li r6,t2 om ka r6,j2 r6 t2 pk,t2 qi ie r6,tm ec u0 qs u0 r6 17c r6,uu qs uu r6 tm ec,tm fa vs r6,10g r6 tm gi,tm hg 11e r6,122 r6 tm ie,tm jc 130 r6,13u r6 u0 ku,u0 m6 14s r6,15q r6 u0 no,u0 pa u0 p0 16o r6,172 r6 1cc r6 1qe r6,u0 pu 180 r6,1ts fu 1qe r6,1ts fu 1pg r6,1oi r6 1ti h6,1t8 ie 1na r6,1m2 r6 1sk ka,1s0 li 1kq r6,1ji r6 1rm mq,1rc no 1ik r6,1r2 p0 1hm r6,1qo pu 1go r6,1qe qi 1f6 r6,2ci fu 2ci tc,2ci r6 3ea r6 3j0 pu,3c4 r6 2ci r6,2dq r6 2ci fu 2f2 r6,2ci fu 2g0 r6,2ci fu 28g fk,2ci gs 2d6 n4,2cs hg 2gu r6,2hs r6 2d6 j2,2iq r6 2dg ka,2dq li 2jo r6,2e4 mg 2km r6,2lk r6 2ee ne,2eo om 2ms r6,2o4 r6 2f2 pu,2f2 qi 2p2 r6,3ja pu 3ok n4 3ta ie 42k c6 446 8e 44q 2q 43i -k 40e -5u 3q6 -b8 3i2 -fu 38c -hq 32o -hq 2to -gs 2qu -fa 2oo -do 2m8 -bi 2fc -2q 2dg 0,2ci ie 2ci hg,6i au 7q fk,0 -2g -k -2g,28g 5k 252 aa 21u fu,-18 4c k bi,tc oc tc t2,21u fk 210 li 21a 106 228 18k 25c 1hm,25c 1i0 2cs 20c,2cs 20m 2lu 2bu,2lu 2bk 324 2n6 3f8 2va,3dm 2u2 4a4 390 4ma 3as 52g 3as 5fu 3as 68a 3as 63a 2q0 66o 3as,48i 38c 39a 2s6,4ds 3bg 470 39u,656 3as 648 2sg,64s 2va 63a 3as,61o 3as 65g 31q,664 33c 606 3as,66e 358 5u0 3as,672 36q 5se 3as,5qi 3as 67c 38c,67m 39k 5pa 3as,5u9 33k 4v0 33t,5u9 33i 5uk 2o7 5tk 33n,5sn 33o 5ui 2pj,5ui 2qv 5rt 33o,5ug 2si 5qr 33g,5pq 33g 5ud 2u1,5ud 2v9 5ok 33j,5nf 33l 5u9 30k,5u9 31m 5ma 33l,5l6 33n 5ue 32k,18 5o 1t r7,28 r7 1b 60,19 32 1s r4,1q r5 17 1m,4vb 340 4s0 33u,4sq 2lq 50f 33n,4sp 2ln 516 340,523 340 4sv 2md,4t8 2nc 52v 340,53o 33s 4to 2ot,4u2 2q8 54k 33m,4u9 2r9 55k 33u,56i 33r 4uj 2sj,4ur 2th 57q 33p,4v5 2um 594 33m,4vb 2vr 5ak 33o,4vo 31a 5bi 33o,507 32n 5cv 33q,15 1j 2i k1,4sp 2ll 4nk 2lk 4n1 340 50p 33u,4n8 340 45t 2r3,4jc 321 4i9 31g,4nl 2lk 4m6 33k,4l5 32r 4ng 2nc,4ng 2oi 4k2 32d,4j7 31o 4nd 2qg,4nd 2rj 4hv 31f,4nb 2sp 4h0 30r,4n8 2tr 4ft 306,4n6 2uq 4ec 2ve,4n4 302 4cn 2uk,4n6 2vb 4di 2v3,4n4 30t 4bu 2u6,4b8 2tr 4ms 31p,4n1 32s 4aa 2ta,45u 2r4 3ub 2l4,3ub 2l6 3nm 2bn,3nc 2bd 3jc 23o,3j6 23h 3h3 1np,3h3 1nf 3hg 1bv 3kl 120 3n7 u2,3n7 tt 3ra o1,3r8 nu 3ur j6 43e dj 489 7r 4dl 2s,4dm 2s 4g1 1d,4g1 1a 4hv 9,6qh 58m 6oa 5nt,6jt 6ek 6fs 705,6fs 700 6ap 7gd,6ap 7gb 607 7vn,607 7vl 5ok 87s 5a4 8mc,5a2 8me 4pp 934,4r2 924 4eo 98n,4eo 98j 439 9cd,437 9cd 3ja 9f5 2td 9hd 2e9 9ij 20v 9j2,20q 9j2 1jk 9j8,1jh 9j8 ib 9j5,i9 9j5 hk 9j3 gm 9iu fe 9il e4 9if ch 9ia b3 9i7 9j 9i6 80 9i7 6c 9ib 4n 9ik 33 9j2 1f 9jk -4 9k7 -1o 9ks -3d 9lg -53 9m5 -6p 9n2 -8f 9o3 -a5 9p8 -br 9qe -dh 9rm -f7 9sv -gu 9u9 -i7 9va -jg a0c -kp a1e -m1 a2h -na a3k -oi a4p -pq a5t -r2 a73 -sa a88 -th a9e -up aak -100 abr -117 ad1 -12f ae8 -13m aff -14t agm -164 aht -17b aj4 -18i akb -19p ali -1av amp -1c6 ao1 -1dd ap7 -1ek aqa -1fs ard -1h5 ase -1iq ato,-1iq ato -1kg av1 -1m6 b08 -1ns b1e -1ph b2i -1r6 b3h -1sq b4b -1uf b51 -1vu b5h -217 b5u -22g b67 -23g b69 -24d b65,-24d b63 -254 b60 -25s b5v -26j b5u -277 b5v -281 b60 -293 b61 -2af b62 -2br b63 -2db b64 -2em b65 -2g2 b66 -2hg b66 -2j1 b67 -2ki b68 -2m5 b68 -2np b69 -2pd b6a -2r3 b69 -2sp b68 -2uf b66 -307 b64 -31u b61,-45k bbh -43d bdu -40f bfj,-40e bfn -3sc bhc -3ja bj4 -3di bjv,-3dg bjv -36r bke,16 1m 41 o9,18 ar 5c q0,18 em 6i q8,14f s0 141 rv,6js 6ei 6oi 5mg,4hu a 4lm -u 4ru -1s 55k -1i 5cq a,5cg a 5gi 34 5oc d4 64s uk 68u 17m 6g4 1nu 6lo 29e,6lo 29o 6q4 2oo 6rm 324 6ti 3dm 6u6 3ou 6ts 488 6q4 5cg,ec n9 gl fh,-45e bbo -469 ban -47d b9o -48a b8v -496 b87 -49v b7g -4an b6o -4be b5u -4c2 b53 -4cl b44 -4d9 b32 -4du b1u -4eh b0t -4f0 b02 -4fd ava,-4fe avi -4gc apa -4g2 ahq##B 2dr 9ic 8d,B 2l0 9hg 8f,G 2je 9hr 5k,G 2cs 9hv 5n,B 2mk 9h0 89,B 2un 9gq 8f,B 370 9fo 84,B 3fo 9ea 7t,B 3ll 9dh 87,B 40d 9c5 89,B 488 99i 7q,B 4is 95e 7t,B 4ua 8tp 7g,B 58m 8m0 7b,B 5hf 8e3 74,B bi 122 110,B ak pk q9,B 6s n4 q7,B 2j4 27i qk,G 2hs 24e rs,G 24o fa vg,G 28q 8o vt,B -4c 4m u3,B 2ig -34 t1,B 2km -50 tl,B 31q -fu uc,B 3eu -f0 ub,B 3i2 -ec 10b,B 3v6 -2q 10a,B 3vq -1s 11o,B 41m 7g 11a,B 40o b8 nb,B 3sc g8 ni,B 28g cg se,B 28q bs sm,B 2fm -a t8,G 2h8 -2q 10b,G 2je -68 10b,G 2pc -c6 105,G 2um -fk vc,G 2vu -fk 10b,G 35i -fk vp,G 390 -fa 11o,G 3ek -em n6,G 3ja -cg nn,G 3pi -9c 11o,G 3t0 -6i nb,G 3us -4m mp,G 3vq -18 o3,G 42k 34 of,G 42k 68 oo,G 41c 92 po,G 3ta em s4,G 3t0 ec r9,G 3r4 i4 qn,G 3mo m6 qn,B 10b mn fm,B 47 4n ko,B 438 2o9 l6,B 3rh 2f9 lf,G 3q3 2bi ir,G 3ug 2ir ja,G 3mg 25q jm,B 3mt 27r ln,B 3k2 22f m8,G 3j9 1ts jj,G 3i8 1pn jp,B 3i3 1ps ba,B 3i3 1jd bg,G 3i1 1h6 jm,B 3ho 1e8 bl,B 3k8 172 c1,G 3lq 11o le,G 3ps t2 kc,G 3re pk k4,B 3mo vs ca,B 3re p0 ce,B 40e jm cl,B 462 cg c3,G 412 ie le,G 462 bs kh,B 47u 9m d0,B 4fe 2q dd,B 4og -k e2,G 4ca 50 l3,B 4og -18 eg,B 4vm -u ev,G 4ue -1i mg,B 5aa 7q g0,B 5ec ec fu,G 5c6 b8 cl,G 5g8 gi c3,G 59c 6s e2,B 5hq jc fr,B 5p0 uk g3,G 5n4 q8 d7,G 5k0 oc dk,G 5q8 10g e2,G 5t2 14s d3,B 5so 13u g1,B 5vi 19i g4,B 622 1f6 g1,G 606 1ag dg,G 622 1ei dc,G 648 1ji dc,G 65g 1n0 dn,B 656 1k6 g4,B 680 1rc g6,G 698 1u6 dg,B 6f6 2dg g9,B 6ik 2lu ga,B 6n0 37e gh,G 6oi 3bg dg,G 6pg 3jk e2,G 6nu 390 dc,G 6lo 34u ec,B 6n0 36g gl,B 6pq 3r4 gk,G 6q4 3q6 e2,B 6rm 4b2 h1,G 6qo 4qm ef,G 6rc 496 eb,B 6qo 4ns gv,G 6pq 4uo ea,G 6p6 54m ek,G 6os 59m ed,B 6qe 4tg h5,B 6pq 542 gs,B 6p6 59c h3,B 6oi 5ec h9,B 6na 5mq h7,G 6na 5ls e2,G 6nk 5j2 ed,G 6oi 5cq e2,G 6nu 5ka ha,G 6mm 5q8 eg,G 6le 5vi et,B 6mm 5pu h5,B 6kq 630 h6,B 6k6 680 hb,G 6g4 5rq em,G 6mc 5so h8,B 6k6 698 hd,B 6ik 6e8 hd,G 6i0 6hm et,G 6ji 6be ff,G 6go 6nk e2,B 6hc 6kq ha,B 6es 702 ha,B 6g4 6qe ha,B 6d0 760 h9,G 6du 72i f4,G 6cm 78g f6,G 6b4 7cs ek,B 6bo 7am hm,B 69s 7fm i3,G 68a 7hs f4,G 65g 7la e7,G 69s 7fc fa,G 63u 7lu fv,B 63k 7oe i3,B 5vi 7uc i7,B 5so 816 i8,B 534 -k f0,B 5d4 3o fd,B 5jm ak fn,B 5pa hg fp,B 5tc n4 g2,B 63a uu g4,B 6c2 1iu fv,B 67c 19s fv,B 6fg 1pq gi,B 6h2 21a gs,B 6ia 27i ga,B 6k6 2cs g6,B 6n0 2la gi,B 6oi 2qk 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jumps and loop da loops Empty Re: jumps and loop da loops

Post by Rok on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:00 pm

I couldn't beat it. But, it was very nice and fun, Great work!

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